ILP rules in Borderless Universe

Tokenote introduces a new fundraising method called Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) that helps your organization ignite growth.

What is ILP?

ILP stands for Initial Loan Procurement, which is a unique fundraising method using a loan agreement structure, enabling companies to procure loans to expand its ecosystem.

Participants benefit from the direct success of the company.

Why ILP?

ILP’s potential lies in its flexibility in usage. Since it is conducted in the form of loans and on a global scale, ILP helps you access capitals needed to fund projects for both private and public sectors.

ILP structure is simple, comprehensive, legally sound, tax-friendly.

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How does it work?


ILP structure issues Future Loan Access Tokens (FLAT), which are a form of “access tokens”, so creditors can transfer their loan agreements to others. Tokens will be issued to the creditors who lend funds to the company. Each company using Tokenote ILP structure can brand their tokens as they wish.


User identification and verification are a critical function to prevent fraud and anti-money laundering. Such procedures, or Know Your Customer (KYC), need to be completed before loan agreements can be digitally signed. Agrello ID, a digital identity and signature solution, provides the support necessary for Tokenote's ILP system.


Tokenote ILP structure, developed by blockhive, is based on cryptocurrencies. The creditors lend in cryptocurrencies and receive FLAT tokens. Tokenote can support cryptocurrencies including Ethereum.

Loan Agreement

Each creditor has to sign a loan agreement, before receiving FLAT tokens. Tokenote's ILP system uses Agrello smart contracts that can be digitally signed using the Agrello ID. Each contract is recorded on the blockchain.


Tokenote is a joint venture between Agrello and Blockhive. The two companies together developed the ILP structure as a solution for businesses that need funding. Utilizing Agrello ID, its legally binding loan agreement, and blockhive's FLAT, we bring the power of accessing borderless capitals to you.